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TL Smith No. 25 Project Status

Breaking News – TL Smith No. 25 is loaded and PUMPING OIL!


Please click on the above image
to see TL Smith No. 25 in action.

On-site storage tanks prior to a new coat of camouflage paint.


The current production is through a 14/64" choke with a 64" stroke and a 160 pumping unit. The pumping unit is moving at 7 strokes per minute and producing better than the projected 65 BOPD.

Investors should receive their first “return on investment” check the first week of June. The actual revenue stream will cause the first check to be sent to Aquinas and we anticipate that check will be received the last week of May. After deposit, we will send checks to our participants.

We apologize for the delay. We anticipated being able to make this first revenue payment in March, but considerable efforts had to be made to get through the severe weather problems and other situations we encountered to make this well productive. However, we are now moving forward with a successful well and look toward the future with optimism for a steady revenue stream. Congratulations to all of our investors and, again, thanks for your patience.

You will note in the photo and video, the tanks need painting, and that project is currently underway. They are scheduled to be a camouflage color. When painting is completed and the surrounding grounds are cleaned up, a new video will be released showing a full view of the pump, tanks and other equipment for TL Smith No. 25.

Finally, we anticipate our next well, Polak No. 1, will move at a much faster pace from spud to production. In fact, construction of the well site is already underway for this new 3400' well.


Joe Grace

Executive Chairman

Aquinas Energy Resources Inc.



First Truckload of Crude

TL Smith No. 25 sells its first truckload of production from the recently completed well. There’s a possibility we’ll have four or five trucks of crude sales for No. 25 in April. A pumping unit and permanent tanks should be in place before the end of the month. Now...on to Polak No. 1.

Oil Flowing at TL Smith No. 25

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