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May 8, 2017:

TL Smith No. 25 Pumping Oil

Aquinas Energy Resources Inc. announced today that their TL Smith No. 25 well is now pumping oil through a 14/64" choke with a 64" stroke and a 160 pumping unit. The pumping unit is moving at 7 strokes per minute and producing better than the projected 65 BOPD. Investors should receive their first “return on investment” check the first week of June.

The company anticipates their next well, Polak No. 1, will move at a much faster pace from spud to production. In fact, construction of the well site is already underway for this new 3400' well.


March 29, 2017:

Oil Flowing at TL Smith No. 25

Aquinas Energy Resources Inc. is pleased to announce the test results for the TL Smith No. 25 well that was recently completed on the TL Smith lease at Damon, TX. The well was perfed for production from the Upper Frio (F2), the perf was completed with success and production has ensued. The following represents the test results from March 29, 2017.

  • From 2PM through 3PM oil flowed through a choke of 14/64" at the rate of 8BO/hr or equivalent to 192BO/day at 340psi.
  • From 3PM through 4PM oil flowed through a 12/64" choke at the rate of 6BO/hr or the equivalent of 144BO/day at 340psi.
  • From 4PM through 5PM oil flowed through a 10/64" choke at the rate of 7BO/hr or the equivalent of 168BO/day at 320psi.
  • From 5PM through 6PM oil flowed through a 8/64" choke at the rate of 4BO/hr or the equivalent of 96BO/day at 600psi.

At this time, TL Smith No. 25 is performing along the pattern that management had anticipated. The well should bleed off naturally over the course of a few days and, at that time, a pump and permanent tanks will be installed. It is the opinion of the Aquinas geologist and petroleum engineer that the TL Smith No. 25 should be able to produce at the rate of 65 BOPD, which is what Aquinas previously presented to investors. We anticipate an opportunity for the first sale of oil and resulting revenue to be available for distribution in May from GulfMark Energy, Inc., who is currently contracted to purchase the TL Smith No. 25 production.

Please note there is still potential recoverable reserves in the Frio 1 and the Marge zones as evidenced by the well log and coring samples.

Aquinas is now moving to drill Polak No.1, a proposed well approximately 1600' west of TL Smith No. 25.


February 2, 2017:

TL Smith No. 25 Update

Aquinas Energy Resources Inc., a 25% farm-out participant, has drilled a successful step out at Damon Mound in Brazoria County, Texas. Delco Operating Company LP will be the Operator of the TL Smith No. 25 well. The directionally drilled well encountered Margulina and Frio oil sands 120’ high to production on the TL Smith Lease.  Baker Hughes well logs and side wall cores show an apparent thickness of 38 feet of oil sand in the Frio and 16 feet of oil sand in the Margulina. The cores indicate that oil gravities range from 27 degrees to 31 degrees API. Porosities of 28% to 30% and permeability between 450md. and 2000md. show the well will have an excellent rate of production.


Bill Gaskin

Consulting Geologist to

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