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Aquinas Energy Resources Inc., (AERI) is a Texas corporation formed October 30, 2013. AERI is engaged in the exploration, acquisition and development of oil and gas resources in northern Brazoria, Wharton and Victoria counties in Southeast and South Texas.


AERI has acquired three (3) leases on the Damon Mound Salt Dome area located in Brazoria County, Texas. Since its discovery in the early 1900’s, the Damon Mound field has produced over 20,000,000 BOE. In the past, properties now of interest to AERI were not thoroughly evaluated with modern seismic data. Recently, new 2D and 3D geophysical surveys have been completed and interpreted by our consulting geophysicist Bill Gaskin and our Advisory Director Larry Leavell, as well as third-party geologists for the purpose of selecting the best Prospective Resource sites. AERI has identified eleven Prospective locations at Damon Mound and ten Prospective sites in the Wharton area and twenty in South Texas.


The Business Plan is to drill the TL Smith No. 25 located at Damon Mound.  Historically, the TL Smith lease has produced over 4,000,000 BOE since the early 1900’s. Thereafter, it is anticipated AERI will drill and complete a minimum of six to eight Prospective Wells each year. Additional acquired leases will further extend our opportunities. Our business objectives are: (a) to drill low-risk Prospective Resource Wells that will generate immediate cash flow and long-term value; (b) to pursue predictable economic capital projects that are repeatable; and (c) to generate monthly growth in production, cash flow, resource reserves and asset value.

Our targets are the Marge, Miocene, HET and Upper and Lower Frio sands located on the properties. Wells will generally be drilled between 3500’ and 5000’. However, we could test lower formations down to or a little lower than 6000’ when warranted by seismic data and with our geophysicist’s recommendation.


Current estimates of Prospective Resource Reserves recoverable from the three (3) properties under lease are in excess of 1,800,000 BOE. Additional leases being pursued could add an additional 3,500,000 BOE from areas around Wharton and South Texas.


Current geology indicates that the Prospective Resource Reserves for each of the Development Wells could be from 100,000 to 200,000 BOE. It should be noted that historical data reflects that the average well on the TL Smith lease has produced over 100,000 BOE. Through discussions, Shell Oil is a potential purchaser of our production at net WTI prices.


Management: As a new company, Aquinas has an exceptionally experienced and knowledgeable team of professionals. Please click the Management tab for a list of officers, advisors and consultants with short bios.


Joe Grace

Executive Chairman


NOTICE:  This document is not intended to be, nor should it be considered a solicitation of any kind or an offer to sell securities, interests, positions, or any other consideration of a transfer of ownership or opportunity in any manner.  Any questions regarding same should be directed in writing to AERI at the address below.




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